Supports are the unsung heroes of the Dota universe. Should you choose to follow the path of support you will need to become a master of turning nothing into something. Tasked with getting things done without any resources, supports are what hold any good team together.
Learn to manufacture farm by stacking and pulling.
Win the warding game to control the map with vision.
Become master of being in the right place at the right time.
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How to Play Support in Patch 7.06
How to Play Support in Patch 7.06

Resident support expert Ryuu gives us his first takes on how the support role has changed in patch 7.06. This guide will cover hero and item changes as well as how the neutral spawns have changed your priorities.

1 video     1:09:32     Ryuu
How to Support Your Team - Support Basics
How to Support Your Team - Support Basics

Have you ever wanted to improve your game sense around the map? Newsham addresses how to react and be aware of what is happening in a game of Dota and when or why you should react in this guide.

1 video     22:18     Newsham
The Art of Support - Introduction
The Art of Support

Even though this is a support guide, it will help you understand DOTA 2 better and make you a better player no matter which role you play as.

35 videos     9:08:01     @Ler_GG
The Starting Items Pros Build - Support
The Starting Items Pros Build - Support

This guide will cover the starting and later game items that supports are building. For supports, the starting items are extremely important as they will often be the only items you have for quite some time.

1 video     27:29     D2Bowie
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning - Support
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning - Support

The life of a support in Dota 2 depends on the game situation. In this basics guide to supporting you will learn how to be efficient in your movements to always be in a position to help your team.

1 video     32:40     Restocker
The Ultimate Warding Guide - Introduction & Basics
The Ultimate Warding Guide

In this guide, you will learn about warding in Patch 7.00. Here you will understand the new warding spots for runes and more.

3 videos     1:01:33     Restocker
Support Role Essentials - How to Stack and Pull
Support Role Essentials

Restocker returns with a guide to single timing and mechanic in this comprehensive how to stack and pull. He covers both Radiant and Dire and how to be efficient in Dota.

3 videos     1:29:49     Restocker
Crystal Maiden Guide - Introduction & Basics
Crystal Maiden Guide

Crystal Maiden has been one of the most popular supports in Dota for a long time. This guide will introduce you to the hero and how she can have massive impact in a game.

9 videos     2:31:15     Ryuu
Warlock Guide - Introduction & Basics
Warlock Guide

Ryuu introduces us to the hero Warlock in the first video of this guide. He will cover all the basic mechanics and things you need to know to support your team to victory with Warlock.

7 videos     2:15:41     Ryuu
Lion Guide - Introduction & Basics
Lion Guide

The massively useful support hero Lion will be covered in the following guide. In this video we will cover the basics of playing the hero and why it makes such a good pick for any support player.

5 videos     1:36:16     Ryuu
Roaming Night Stalker Guide - Introduction & Basics
Roaming Night Stalker Guide

Kyubashi introduces us to the hero Balanar, the Night Stalker in this first video. This guide will cover the hero's basic mechanics and what sort of play style you should expect when picking Night Stalker.

6 videos     2:36:49     Kyubashi
Disruptor Guide - Introduction & Basics
Disruptor Guide

Ryuu introduces the hero Disruptor in this first section of the guide. Here you will learn how to control the hero effectively and what his purpose is in the game of Dota 2.

7 videos     1:17:24     Ryuu
Treant Protector Guide - Introduction & Basics
Treant Protector Guide

Kyubashi brings us a comprehensive guide to playing support Treant Protector in this video series. He will show you how "Tree" has become such a powerful asset to most teams in patch 7.02 and beyond.

5 videos     2:40:57     Kyubashi
Dazzle Guide - Introduction & Basics
Dazzle Guide

Ler_GG brings us an exclusive guide to the strong support hero Dazzle. In this video he will introduce the hero's basic mechanics and why you should want to pick this defensive support.

10 videos     2:31:07     @Ler_GG
Rubick Guide - Introduction & Skill Builds
Rubick Guide

TheBenGerman brings us the first part of his guide to playing Rubick in the support role. This part of the video series will cover the basics of the hero and the proper skill builds.

7 videos     1:38:23     TheBenGerman
Slahser's Way of Position 4 Supporting - Roaming Skywrath Mage
Slahser's Way of Position 4 Supporting - Roaming Skywrath Mage

This is a guide to Slahser’s way of playing the position 4 support role. He specifically explains how to play an aggressive, roaming support using Skywrath Mage as an example hero.

1 video     44:45     Slahser
Earthshaker Guide - Introduction & Basics
Earthshaker Guide

Earthshaker is one of the more iconic Dota heroes. This guide to playing the powerful stunner will introduce you to his basic mechanics and what you should expect when playing him.

9 videos     2:30:40     Ryuu
Pudge Guide - Support Pudge Gameplay in 7.03
Pudge Guide - Support Pudge Gameplay in 7.03

In this guide Butcher analyzes a support Pudge game in the recent patch. You will follow his decision making and positioning as well as learning how the hook nerf changed Pudge.

1 video     23:46     ButcherTV
Bounty Hunter Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Bounty Hunter Guide

It was just business before. Now it's personal! In this video you will learn the basic mechanics of Bounty Hunter as well as how each of his abilities work.

5 videos     1:29:58     TEL9021
Studying Your Replays - Early Game as a Support
Studying Your Replays - Early Game as a Support

Restocker gets much more specific in this guide to how to watch your own replays. This section will cover what you should look for as a support play in the early part of your games.

1 video     40:35     Restocker