The following guides will explore Match Making Rating (MMR), the metric players use to measure their Dota 2 skill. Embark on a journey to answer the most common question in Dota 2: “How do I raise my MMR?”

Glory awaits just down the road.
Master the basics and mechanics that are second nature to every good Dota player.
Learn to think, draft and read the map from high level players.
Create consistency in your play that will bring a consistent win rate and allow you to climb.
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Welcome to Dota 2 - Introduction
Welcome to Dota 2

The ultimate beginner's guide on how to play Dota 2. You will learn all of Dota's basic mechanics, objectives and rules to start winning games. Welcome to Dota 2!

14 videos     4:43:16     TEL9021
The MMR Mentality: A Guide on How to Gain MMR - Introduction
The MMR Mentality: A Guide on How to Gain MMR

These guides will teach you the basic rules on how to gain MMR in Dota 2. This video is an introduction to the MMR system and how to go about increasing yours.

5 videos     1:06:00     Jenkins
Drafting for your MMR - Carries at 3K & Below
Drafting for your MMR

Restocker introduces five carries that will get you winning games quickly in the 3K bracket and below. This guide highlights how to pick straight forward heroes that newer players can pick up with good results.

12 videos     7:10:24     Restocker
Drafting in Dota 2 - All Pick vs. Captains Mode
Drafting in Dota 2

Learning how to draft in Dota 2 can give you a big advantage before the game even starts. In this video Jenkins will cover the basics of drafting and how to think about heroes when going into a draft.

11 videos     2:55:00     Jenkins
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning - Mid Lane
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning

Learning how to win your lane is the beginning of improving as a Dota player. This guide will teach you how to out lane your opponents consistently in the mid lane, Dota's most mechanically demanding role.

5 videos     2:26:27     Restocker
MMR Crash Courses - Last Hits at 10 Minutes
MMR Crash Courses

The laning stage of the game generally lasts for the first 10 or so minutes. This is when players who last hit well can begin building an advantage through their mechanics. This guide focuses on consistently collecting high last hit numbers in the laning stage.

6 videos     40:26     TEL9021
Practice Makes Perfect - Introduction to Doing Drills in Dota 2
Practice Makes Perfect

In this video series we will be learning a progression of drills and practice methods to help you improve at various skill based Dota 2 mechanics. Jenkins teaches us how to practice to perfect our play.

3 videos     47:52     Jenkins
Objective Based Gaming - Smoke of Deceit
Objective Based Gaming

In this guide to taking objectives in Dota Jenkins explains one of the most powerful items in the game. Smoke of Deceit is an extremely useful tool when ahead or behind to change the course of the game.

9 videos     5:50:50     Jenkins
How to Raise MMR - Introduction
How to Raise MMR

In the following guide, you will learn how you can boost your MMR. You will also understand which heroes are better suited to raise your MMR.

12 videos     3:39:25     HuntaeLa
How Pros Fight - Miracle Shadow Fiend
How Pros Fight

In the following gameplay analysis guide, we will look at how Miracle fights as Shadow Fiend. You will learn how to properly use your abilities to your advantage.

21 videos     7:15:45     D2Bowie
Team Fighting Tips & Tricks - How to Win Team Fights like OG.Ana
Team Fighting Tips & Tricks

Learning how to team fight properly takes a lot of knowledge about the game, heroes and items in Dota 2. In this guide HuntaeLa looks at how ana (formerly of OG) handles team fights to win them.

5 videos     1:10:56     HuntaeLa
How Pros Outplay You - GH-GOD, Zai, JerAx and SoNNeikO
How Pros Outplay You

This video guide focuses on the support role with both positions 4 and 5 being shown. The support role takes a special kind of low farm, high-impact skill which can result in some really amazing plays.

5 videos     1:15:47     D2Bowie
Things I Learned From Pros - EG.Arteezy & Liquid.Miracle Naga Siren
Things I Learned From Pros

D2Bowie brings us some things he has learned from watching Arteezy and Miracle play Naga Siren. These two 9k wizards seem to thrive on the more complex heroes which you will see in this guide.

19 videos     5:24:15     D2Bowie
Studying Your Replays - How to Watch a Replay to Improve
Studying Your Replays

We are happy to present a full series on how to watch your own replays to improve at Dota 2. These guides will explain what to look for and how to use the replay viewing tool.

7 videos     4:25:39     Restocker
How to Raise MMR with Pudge - Introduction & Basic Concepts
How to Raise MMR with Pudge

Butcher is back with a new series on how to raise your MMR with the hero Pudge. The guide will cover the decision making and mentality necessary to climb the ladder.

7 videos     1:35:05     ButcherTV
Necrophos Guide - Introduction & Basics
Necrophos Guide

Kyubashi's guide to Necrophos covers this extremely potent hero who, after his rework in patch 7.00 has been terrorizing pubs and even popping up in professional games.

5 videos     2:52:26     Kyubashi