While Dota 2 is at its core “just a game”, the competitive nature is a huge part of the overall enjoyment of the experience. As balance patches change how the game is played, certain heroes fit the playstyle better than others. We refer to this as “the meta” which evolves based on what wins games most consistently. Walk the meta path and discover how winning ain’t everything, but it sure is fun.
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Patch 7.06 Impressions & Analysis
Patch 7.06 Impressions & Analysis

Fogged brings his analytical talents to Pvgna once again to discuss the most recent gameplay patch 7.06. We analyze the changes to heroes, items and game mechanics to help you understand the way Dota 2 should be played now.

1 video     45:45     Fogged
Patch 7.06 Fundamental Changes
Patch 7.06 Fundamental Changes

In this video, TEL9021 goes through the differences in patch 7.06 and highlights fundamental mechanic changes in gameplay, heroes and items.

1 video     30:34     TEL9021
Offlane in Patch 7.06 - General Changes
Offlane in Patch 7.06

The changes to the general mechanics of Dota were the biggest part of patch 7.06. In this guide Jenkins will explain how the general mechanics of the game have changed for offlane heroes.

3 videos     1:22:28     Jenkins
How to Play Support in Patch 7.06
How to Play Support in Patch 7.06

Resident support expert Ryuu gives us his first takes on how the support role has changed in patch 7.06. This guide will cover hero and item changes as well as how the neutral spawns have changed your priorities.

1 video     1:09:32     Ryuu
The MMR Mentality: A Guide on How to Gain MMR - Introduction
The MMR Mentality: A Guide on How to Gain MMR

Jenkins introduces his exciting and different guide here on Pvgna. In this video you will learn the basics steps that you must take on your path to raising MMR and climbing the ranked ladder.

5 videos     1:06:00     Jenkins
Chessie's Guide to Playing Mid or Carry in Patch 7.06
Chessie's Guide to Playing Mid or Carry in Patch 7.06

After acclimating himself to patch 7.06 over the last few days, Chessie brings us his thoughts on carrying games from the mid or safelane.

1 video     30:55     Chessie
The Starting Items Pros Build - Mid Lane
The Starting Items Pros Build

D2Bowie takes a look at the starting items of some of the most popular mid heroes in the 7.02 meta including: Ember Spirit, Magnus, Meepo, Shadow Fiend, Mirana and Juggernaut.

4 videos     1:34:35     D2Bowie
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning - Mid Lane
The Fundamental Concepts of Laning

Restocker returns to study the mid lane match up in this guide. He covers a lot of the broad concepts that a good mid player needs to keep in mind to consistently out perform his opposing mid.

5 videos     2:26:27     Restocker
A Guide to Surviving the Offlane - The Strongest Offlaners in 7.0x
A Guide to Surviving the Offlane - The Strongest Offlaners in 7.0x

Jenkins explains who he feels are the strongest offlaners in the meta following patch 7.05 and beyond. These are the heroes that can get a lot done with less but also pressure the safe lane.

1 video     18:46     Jenkins
Necrophos Guide - Introduction & Basics
Necrophos Guide

Kyubashi's guide to Necrophos covers this extremely potent hero who, after his rework in patch 7.00 has been terrorizing pubs and even popping up in professional games.

5 videos     2:52:26     Kyubashi
Roaming Night Stalker Guide - Introduction & Basics
Roaming Night Stalker Guide

Kyubashi introduces us to the hero Balanar, the Night Stalker in this first video. This guide will cover the hero's basic mechanics and what sort of play style you should expect when picking Night Stalker.

6 videos     2:36:49     Kyubashi
Luna Guide - Introduction & Basics
Luna Guide

In this introductory video to HuntaeLa's guide to carry Luna he will go over everything you need to know to get started on the hero. Learn her strengths and weaknesses to climb MMR.

8 videos     2:04:15     HuntaeLa
Sven Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Sven Guide

Rogue Knight at your service! This guide will help you understand how to properly play as Sven. You will also learn how the abilities of this hero work.

6 videos     50:38     HuntaeLa
Abaddon Guide - Introduction & Basics
Abaddon Guide

In this first part of Kyubashi's Abaddon guide we will take a look at the hero what roles he can fit into depending on the game. We will explore the versatility of Abaddon.

5 videos     2:12:18     Kyubashi
Slahser Dissects Phantom Assassin - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Slahser Dissects Phantom Assassin

Learn to play Phantom Assassin Slahser's way. This guide covers skills, items and the decision making necessary to help you become a better PA player at any MMR level.

4 videos     2:54:43     Slahser
Crystal Maiden Guide - Introduction & Basics
Crystal Maiden Guide

Crystal Maiden has been one of the most popular supports in Dota for a long time. This guide will introduce you to the hero and how she can have massive impact in a game.

9 videos     2:31:15     Ryuu
Slahser Dissects Wraith King - Introduction & Basics
Slahser Dissects Wraith King

In this video series Slahser dissects the one button wonder, also known as Wraith King, or for you Dota 1 oldies, Skeleton King. This guide will cover the basics of playing Wraith King.

3 videos     1:25:51     Slahser
Axe Guide - Patch 7.00 Analysis & Updates
Axe Guide - Patch 7.00 Analysis & Updates

Axe had some interesting changes in patch 7.00 so Kyubashi is here to update his guide. From talent trees to new jungle camps, there is a lot more potential for Axe in the new Dota 2.

1 video     24:37     Kyubashi
Crash Courses on Patch 7.00 - N0tail Wraith King
Crash Courses on Patch 7.00 - N0tail Wraith King

D2Bowie breaks down how Wraith King can be effectively played in the new patch. This hero guide uses pro player, N0tail as an example of how to play Wraith King.

1 video     15:22     D2Bowie
Lina Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics
Lina Guide

HuntaeLa brings us a comprehensive guide to playing Lina, focusing on the mid lane. In the introduction to the video series you will learn her basic mechanics and how to dominate the early game.

12 videos     3:47:55     HuntaeLa
Offlane Omniknight - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Omniknight

Jenkins is back with another offlane guide to one of the fixtures at the top of the pub win rate charts. Omniknight is a hero that is incredibly useful in the right hands and this guide will explain his basic mechanics.

10 videos     2:35:15     Jenkins
Slahser Dissects Sniper - Gameplay Analysis: Positioning Against a Mobile Team
Slahser Dissects Sniper - Gameplay Analysis: Positioning Against a Mobile Team

Slahser dissects another safelane Sniper match of his in this gameplay analysis of the hero. He faces a highly mobile team and needs to position carefully while providing most of the physical damage.

1 video     56:56     Slahser
Making the Meta - SumaiL & Miracle- Lina in Patch 7.05 (Part 1)
Making the Meta

Lina has gotten the true IceFrog treatment over the last couple years. Formerly very popular, Lina has recently returned to the pro scene. In this gameplay analysis we will find out why.

2 videos     25:57     D2Bowie
Crash Courses on Patch 7.00 - Black^ Necrophos
Crash Courses on Patch 7.00 - Black^ Necrophos

D2Bowie's hero guide to Necrophos in patch 7.00 follows the play of Black^. Currently on team Faceless, Black^ has been a high level carry for a long time and uses the reworked Necro to great effect.

1 video     18:02     D2Bowie
Offlane Enigma Guide - Introduction & Basics
Offlane Enigma Guide

From the void and shadow, I assemble. Enigma is an incredibly powerful team fight presence and a highlight reel waiting to happen. Jenkins brings us a comprehensive guide to playing offlane Enigma.

11 videos     3:01:44     Jenkins